About Us

TBI’s Vision

To be the trusted and objective advisor to Information Technology, Financial and Human Resources senior executives of Fortune 1000 companies, as they make strategic decisions in the areas of enterprise and/or business process consolidation, outsourcing and shared services.

Corporate Culture

TBI prides itself on its strong work ethic, and our concern for solving the problems for which we are hired. We strive to earn and maintain a reputation for honesty, integrity and high-quality performance. We have a simple organizational structure, allowing our clients to more easily access our capabilities.

About TBI

Technology & Business Integrators (TBI) is a well-respected strategic management-consulting firm located in Montvale, NJ. Originally founded in 1964 to assist companies in securing additional data processing resources as needed, TBI “grew up” in the era in which the outsourcing industry and strategic sourcing initiatives have evolved across the business enterprise.

Based on our core competencies in Outsourcing Strategy, and implementation Performance Measurement and Post Contract Governance, we have established a leadership position with Fortune 1000 customers. Those customers have included Air Canada, A&P, AT&T, Bank of America, Blue Cross Blue Shield, British Aerospace, Coors Brewing, General Motors, IBM, Merck Inc., NIKE, J.P. Morgan Chase, Pfizer and Procter & Gamble.

Over the years, TBI has conducted hundreds of business process, information technology and strategic sourcing evaluations and negotiations for our customers. We have significant experience in every step of the outsourcing life cycle — from initial feasibility assessment to contracting, to service migration and program management as well as contract renegotiation. Today, we provide support to customers in business process outsourcing (BPO) and information technology outsourcing (ITO); provide assistance in consolidation and business process improvement to prepare for and enable transition to new sourcing solutions; and help desk insourced sheared services environments and TBI is a charter member of the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP).

TBI has successfully adapted our best practices and methodologies from our outsourcing consultancy foundation to support reorganization, service delivery management, governance and service level management improvement initiatives for customers. We have significant capabilities in IT and BPO strategy development for companies undergoing or about to undergo major change, which helps ensure sourcing solutions are aligned with and contribute to their business objectives.

TBI consists of a team of seasoned professionals with an average of more than 15 years of experience working in executive or senior management roles. Our consultants have direct and relevant experience in all aspects of outsourcing and in a variety of business disciplines (e.g., Information Technology, Financial and Human Resources) and specialties (e.g., performance measurement, cost analysis and contract). While models and methodologies have their role, it is the application of these methodologies with real-world experience that benefits our customers. Gives practical and business knowledge, applied to customers’ specific needs continually delivers sustained advantage.

We will continue to use our experience and knowledge to enthusiastically address our customer’s needs in a responsive and caring manner. Creativity, dependability and customer loyalty never will be compromised in the pursuit of our vision as “The trusted and objective advisor to senior executives as they make strategic decisions in the areas of enterprise and/or business process consolidation, outsourcing and shared services.”

Our Executive Team

Stan Goldman

President & CEO, Stanley J. Goldman

Mr. Goldman has over 40 years’ experience in the technology industry and is the President and CEO of Technology & Business Integrators. He is a recognized leader in the fields of strategic information technology consulting, vendor consulting and benchmarking. Additionally, he is a founding father of modern-day outsourcing. Mr. Goldman has consistently and steadily grown his business by 25% annually. Challenge and success are commonplace at TBI as Mr. Goldman persists in re-creating his firm to provide the most comprehensive suite of integrated business transformation services available.

Mr. Goldman holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Brooklyn College. He is a world-renowned speaker, heard on Talk America Radio Network, CNN-fn and CIO Radio and has been quoted extensively. He has also published numerous articles, in VAR Business, Business Finance, Crain’s New York Business, Computer Reseller News, Fortune Small Business, Business Week, Beyond Computing, and Computerworld. He is a member of the Association for Information and Image Management.

Verna_imageVerna Lynch

Senior Vice President of Business Development

Ms. Lynch is TBI’s Senior Vice President for Business Development. Not only is she known for her business development acumen, she is an exceptional strategist and problem solver of complex business problems. She has a proven ability in identifying innovative solutions that contribute directly to transforming organizations, developing business, improving quality, and cutting costs. Her track record demonstrates expertise in implementing solutions-based business development initiatives, re-energizing organizational performance in client organizations through strategic planning, designing and implementing re-structuring / re-alignment, and facilitating process improvement. Core strengths include client relations, leadership, analytic skill, innovative thinking, and an outstanding ability in forging consensus across departmental and organizational lines.

Prior to joining TBI, Verna conducted business development for a CPA and management consulting firm based in New England. Before that, Verna was President of a successful boutique consulting firm for over 25 years. In addition to strategic planning and organizational development initiatives, Verna has also designed and delivered comprehensive training and development programs and processes for leadership and employee development in support of improvement initiatives listed above.

bettygoldmanBetty Goldman

Corporate Counsel

As TBI’s Corporate Counsel for ten years, Ms. Goldman has handled extensive negotiations, drafting and review of management and IT consulting contracts.

Ms. Goldman has been responsible for all corporation litigation, pursuing and defending matters herself, as well as obtaining and overseeing outside law firms. She handles all regulatory matters for the corporation.

Ms. Goldman has practiced law for over 25 years, is admitted in New Jersey and New York, and is a member of the Berger County Bar Association and Women Lawyers in Bergen County.

Michele Vigna

Marketing Communications Specialist, Michele Bowen Vigna

Ms. Vigna is the Marketing Coordinator for TBI Inc. Ms. Vigna is an experienced marketing executive with expertise in coordinated promotion who joined the company in 1998 and is responsible for the integrated marketing efforts at TBI. Michele’s expertise ranges from developing and executing enterprise-wide marketing strategies to managing the creation and operation of complex multi-channel projects that include editorial, creative, branding and circulation. Michele’s insight for promotion and her original design work has enhanced the TBI website and printed materials. Ms. Vigna is the co-creator of the TBI website.

Ms. Vigna was manager of a retail business for Slater Enterprise Inc., where she created the marketing manuals for their e-business, wholesale and retail organization. Drawing on her years of experience in the marketing and retail industry, Ms. Vigna developed creative designs for MeriTech Inc., a network security company.

Prior to joining TBI in 1998, Michele was owner of her own retail business where she enjoyed a successful career. She oversaw product design and development utilizing current marketing trends to develop successful branding of the company.

Greg Merideth

Chief Technology Officer, Greg Merideth

Mr. Merideth has over 20 years’ experience in the technology industry and is the President of United Computer Technologies. Mr. Merideth has over 20 years of high-tech experience in business and technology an executive with a background that focuses on developing and implementing technology plans and actions to achieve business objectives. He is responsible for identifying new enabling technologies and application on the internet and other platforms for the company. Throughout his extensive career in computing, Greg has been involved with networking, secure, and distributed systems as well as computational science and engineering. He has published numerous articles and has been published in Information Week, Computerworld.