Client Case Study – Cyber Security Partnership

How a cyber security partnership resulted in reputation
resurrection and huge return on investment.

Client Challenge
A federal sub-agency, responsible for collecting data and providing services to the public via multiple grants, contracts, and research vehicles was receiving conflicting data as to the security posture of the eleven known information systems under their purview. Their funding was tied directly to their ability to validate their security posture.

We assembled a team of security experts to discover and assess the true nature of the security posture. The team initially focused on discovery of existing systems. In the process, it became clear there was no internal focus on security at the program level.

Our team developed a parallel and focused work stream that continued with a definitive discovery methodology while also establishing a robust Cyber Security Program. This program, in the end, delivered documented and repeatable processes to account for every aspect of cyber security from planning to disposal. Furthermore, more than 135 unknown separate, funded and reportable IT systems were discovered. Over the course of one year they all received thorough security assessments where deficiencies were documented and corrective action plans provided to ensure each system was updated, patched, segmented, isolated or removed from the overall enterprise architecture.

Business Impact
The sub-agency received commendation from the parent agency company along with the required funding to support the full mission. The program solution that we delivered was leveraged and used as a foundation to modify the parent agency approach to risk management. The fiscal return on investment was better than ten times the initial investment.

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