Cloud Migration Assessment & Planning

TBI‘s Cloud Migration Assessment & Planning Services help your staff understand their current legacy environment, and define which legacy candidates would make the greatest positive impact by migrating to the cloud. These Services prepare your organization to transform its operations, customer interactions, to drive overall value by leveraging cloud computing. TBI helps your team clarify what can be migrated to the cloud, the packaging and timing of each migration, and which migrations are of greatest importance (value) to the organization.

TBI’s Cloud Migration & Planning Services help you develop a concise plan for migrating to the cloud that is prioritized and timed to meet your specific needs.

  • Strategy Development – clear definition of cloud migration objectives, constraints and drivers in migrating to the cloud, creating a holistic view of the migration journey to the cloud
  • Business Case – a high level view of the costs involved in the migration, the potential benefits to be accrued as a result of the migration, as well as the on-going operational costs of supporting the migrated assets in the cloud
  • Cloud Migration Readiness – the complete analysis of your organization’s readiness to migrate to the cloud. This includes an extensive review of your organization’s major processes and frameworks, technologies, resources, and skills required for a successful migration
  • Architecture & Technology – an inventory of the servers, operating environments, applications, and data within the scope of the migration, and provides a baseline migration roadmap
  • Security – an assessment of the existing security controls and any changes necessary to provide the appropriate level of security in the cloud
  • Organizational Change & Process Analysis – service management (e.g., document roles & responsibilities for service provisioning, change management procedures, incident management & response procedures, backup, recovery, storage, archival)
  • Disaster Recovery – assess the ability of the migrated assets to be efficiently backed up and recoverable should there be an outage or incident
  • Migration Planning Roadmap – an output of the migration assessment that gives a high level view of the migration plan and timeline, based on the priorities of the organization
  • Vendor Analysis – an assessment of current vendors and recommendations as to which of the current vendors have the ability to support the cloud migration and ongoing cloud operations
  • Program Management, Program Governance, PMO – cloud management structures to ensure the completion of the migration
  • TBI Cloud Migration Assessment & Planning Services can answer the following types of questions:

    1. What technologies are candidates for migration to the cloud?
    2. What should be migrated first and, what should drive the overall migration order?
    3. What is the high-level business case for the migration?
    4. Does our organization have the right resources, processes and technologies in place so that the migration can be successful?
    5. What should be included in the migration plan?
    6. What resources are needed to plan and implement migration effectively? What roles should we play?
    7. What roles should cloud vendors assume in the migration effort?
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