Strategic and Operation Metrics

There are many challenges faced in developing an effective performance measurement process. This component of TBI’s Full Spectrum Performance Measurement practice focuses on developing or enhancing the portfolio of metrics needed to guide on-going performance monitoring improvement efforts and to communicate organizational value and performance improvement results to business management.
TBI’s goals are to develop metrics that reflect key performance issues in a manner relevant to the business as well as the staff, and which reflect both organizational strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Among the challenges that TBI has helped other organizations to face are:

  • Increasing the overall credibility of the metrics reported
  • Improving the measurement of key performance indicators
  • Balancing the metrics portfolio so that it reflects both key aspects of positive productivity and improvement trends and performance challenges and service problems
  • Linking the metrics plan to business strategy

TBI provides the following services in this area:

  • Measurement information requirements analysis and custom design of a metrics portfolio to meet business needs, in context of business goals and objectives
  • Metrics portfolio (dashboard) review in terms of adequacy of existing metrics coverage and information value for day-to-day service management, trend detection, and the monitoring of planned change
  • Technical review of the validity, reliability and utility of existing metrics, and development of specific recommendations for improved metrics technical quality
  • Establishment of performance improvement goals and minimum service level standards
  • Design and management of baseline measurement studies to establish existing performance levels
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