An RFP for Outsourcing Services

Project Background

The client, a global conglomerate, had abruptly terminated a contract with their current Service Provider (SP) and needed to select another outsourcer without delay for their operations in Europe. With less than one year to make the selection, award the contract and make the transition from one SP to another, the client had to act quickly, yet prudently to avoid repeating past mistakes.

Problem Summary

The client was further along in the Request for Proposal (RFP) process in another global region and wanted to coordinate the efforts. Europe had to move along quickly, but the CIO in Europe and team had other pressing priorities. Defining requirements was a challenge. The client engaged TBI to identify and resolve open issues and prepare an RFP for Europe to complement the process in place.

TBI’s Approach

TBI developed a project plan, organized a team of representatives from Europe with the client, developed an Action Register of all Open Items, worked with the team electronically and facilitated a conference call with the European team to resolve Open Items. In addition, TBI identified legal issues and worked with counsel to resolve them.

Considering the time frame and dynamics of the situation, TBI developed an Addendum that defined Europe’s requirements. The Addendum was styled as an RFP and worked in conjunction with the RFP the client was using.

Throughout the project, TBI reported regularly to management.

Successful Business Solutions

As a result of engaging TBI’s services, the client received a project plan, definitions of Open Items identified and resolved, project reporting and an Addendum for Europe that defined their needs to the Service Providers who received it.

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