Benchmarking the IT Organization

Project Background

The IT organization of the client company, a major US insurance firm, was expanding in
size, improving efficiencies, and enjoying a better working relationship with the line businesses.
To ensure that IT continued to provide value to the business units, the CIO sought
consulting assistance to evaluate the IT organization s performance as well as establish priorities
and targets for increasing organizational effectiveness.

Problem Summary

In order to identify IT functions that could be improved, comparison against industry best
practices was required. The client engaged TBI to provide its 360 Benchmarking service
to measure the client s IT performance to that of other organizations in the client s industry.
In addition, TBI would provide an integrated analysis of the IT department s performance
strengths and identify opportunities for improvement.

TBI’s Approach

TBI helped the client establish project objectives and provided the analytical methodology,
surveys and tools for data collection, and assisted in the design of the data collection
teams. In addition, TBI consultants provided on-going coaching to the data collection
teams throughout the process.

TBI s analysis focused on performance relative to industry norms in LAN/Desktop,
WAN/Voice Services, Software Development, and Data Center Operations. Enterprise level
analyses were also conducted on IT Human Resource Management and IT Investment.
Results were integrated and examined relative to the organization s strategic objectives.
TBI s final report identified the opportunities for improvement that would be of greatest benefit
for the client.

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