Hardware Support Outsourcing Opportunities

Project Background

The Client had recently reorganized their IT shared services organization to capitalize on using information technology to gain competitive advantage within the pharmaceutical industry. As part of this strategy, the Client has undertaken efforts to upgrade key software, improve service performance and attain cost control by outsourcing services that are not core competencies for the business.

Problem Summary

The Client’s sales and marketing organization was dissatisfied with the level of service being provided by an in-house staff to support more than 2000 laptops for the field sales force. TBI worked with the Client to understand the capabilities of the in-house organization as well as the options available to it to outsource field sales laptop support to an outside vendor. TBI analyzed the current service levels and customer satisfaction and future requirements were determined in light of sales force growth and re-engineering of the sales force automation tools.
The in-house group performance was compared to industry norms as part of the assessment. In this manner a strategic decision was made to outsource the entire laptop support life cycle. The overall objective is to achieve operational excellence.

TBI’s Approach

Through document review and interviews with Client personnel, TBI gathered information about the scope of services, costs, service levels and support processes in use in the current environment. TBI assessed in-house support processes and capabilities and gathered information on the field sales force business needs. The primary focus was to construct the baseline by which alternatives can be compared and contrasted.
Based upon TBI’s knowledge and experience in the marketplace and knowledge of the possible vendors and “best practices”, TBI identified the suitable alternatives available to the Client in comparison with the current support environment, user needs, costs and marketplace opportunities. TBI worked with the Client to facilitate the evaluation and consideration of the recommended alternatives.

Successful Business Solutions

The Client received deliverables describing the best practice procedures:

  • A baseline of current activities, service levels and performance.
  • A needs analysis with service level recommendations and evaluation of current in-house capabilities.
  • A statement of opportunities and risks for alternatives.
  • A final report outlining the current situation and short/long term recommendations.
  • As a result of TBI’s assistance, the Client has a framework for effectively outsourcing the hardware support services and for making short-term, interim improvements.
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