Major Risk Assessment for Retail Entry System

Project Background

The client was considering the implementation of a new, modern order system and wanted an independent view of the risks they would avoid by not remaining with the current technology platform.

The risk categories assessed, included:

  • Datacom/Ideal/MitemView software technology limitations
    • Processing efficiencies
    • Interface efficiency with other The client systems
  • Long term viability of the current screen scraping technology approach
  • Datacom/Ideal/MitemView product support
    • Vendor
    • Costs
    • Availability of experienced personnel
  • Datacom/Ideal/MitemView fit with current retail industry technology directions
  • Datacom/Ideal/MitemView fit with client technology directions
  • Marketplace experience with current software vendor approach to product support

TBI’s Approach

TBI worked closely with the designated client IT and user staff members to conduct this assessment. TBI reviewed several areas:

  • New order taking system design and cost benefits analysis (at a high level) to understand client’s technology and business system direction
  • Current technology platforms
    • Costs
    • Support requirements
    • Interface requirements
    • Flexibility
    • Scalability

Future client overall technology and system directions

The TBI assessment deliverable was a Power Point presentation including a table listing the risks and issues and showing the impact on, or lack of fit with, client business requirements and future technology directions in a graphical format. The format lent itself to clear understanding by non-technical company management and the Board of Directors. Specific recommendations were included and the final conclusion was:

Replace the order system now in place or otherwise:

  • Costs will grow if remain with the older technology, for hardware resources, maintenance and availability of people.
  • Risks will grow due to (eventually) reduced support from the vendor and lack of flexibility to support newer retail technology directions.
  • Risk of staying with the current system is that with time there will be degradation of stability, growing need for additional resources (computing engines), instability of customer facing support, and competition providing a better shopping experience.
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