Client Case Study-Aligning a Cloud Strategy

Aligning a cloud strategy with a business model that understands
and limits risk.


Client Challenge

A publicly traded company, wanted to leverage their cloud capabilities to a diverse commercial clientele. The sales staff had no clear understanding of the security posture of the offering and thus could not adequately address the potential customers questions. A lack of clarity related to security strategy as well as the links to business success and risks had stalled the project.


We were hired to provide a detailed analysis and alternative strategies that could result in a defined cyber security roadmap that would also be aligned with the business model. We examined the existing architecture to discern the true capability of the firm. We also met with various C-Suite officers to receive clarity on both the long-term budget plans as well as the risk acceptance criteria that the company wished to maintain. Armed with this information, we provided a high-level architecture solution that would leverage their current IT contracts and provide for scalability over the long term. Additional service level agreements were negotiated with a major cloud service provider that could increase scalability and control costs. The sales team was provided the necessary training to enable them to understand and address customer concerns regarding security. More importantly, we provided a robust cyber security and risk management program that defined processes, policies, training, Service Level Agreement language and very specific delineations of responsibility and accountability between all stakeholders.

Business Impact

Prior to our arrival the existing cloud offerings were servicing approximately 30 disparate small companies. Costs met or exceeded revenue. After 4 months, the risk management strategy was in place. Within the year, sales had grown to over $24 Million. Planned growth was scalable and estimated to be over $100 Million within the next fiscal year.

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