Sourcing Solutions Management Services

“TBI finds itself in a unique place. We are a company that has for over 40 years served the needs of Fortune 500 customers in ITO and BPO. Our experience consulting with organizations in significant indirect spending areas has given us a unique and specific capability to positively impact the cost, quality and value proposition of any company’s supply chain, whether services are currently provided by internal employees or by external suppliers.”
Stan Goldman – President & CEO

TBI has been a leader in providing strategic and objective advice since 1964 on outsourcing within information technology (ITO) and business process areas (BPO). Today our practice also involves helping customers “insource” (Shared Services) and “strategically source” goods and services.

TBI’s Sourcing Solutions Management Services practice area focuses on analyzing the indirect or non-core spend of a company, identifying the primary cost drivers and reducing the total costs of externally purchased services, products and materials, and on proactively improving quality, service delivery and cost effectiveness of internally provided services. Many critical success factors strongly influence the success of such efforts. Amongst the most important of these are vendor management, service delivery program management, shared services organization and on going post-contract governance.

Many of these factors, and more, are part of TBI’s traditional ITO and BPO practices covered in the Strategic Outsourcing practice description. We have leveraged our proven methodologies in these areas to establish supplementary and complementary Sourcing Solutions Management Services.

Our specific services include:

Vendor Management

Focused on establishing successful long term relationships with vendors to whom provision of services or goods have been selectively or fully outsourced and on implementation of procurement best practices for contracting with vendors.

Service Delivery Program Management

Comprehensive assessments and targeted enhancements of current service delivery management practices and processes in indirect service functions; employment of tools and methodologies including process mapping, best practices gap analysis and improvement action planning.

Shared Services

Shared Services organization strategic and tactical planning; baseline analysis of indirect spend areas; assessment of opportunities for cost savings through consolidation of distributed services, standardization of tools and processes, and/or redesign of shared services organizational structure; and change management planning.


Focused on implementing structures and tools to optimize an organization’s return on investment in its internal shared services as well as outsourced services. Governance services have both strategic and tactical dimensions and are aimed at assuring consistent best practice management processes throughout that maintain the alignment of service delivery with business need.

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