Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO)

The TBI Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) Service provides our clients with a clear understanding of the benefits, costs, risks and timing of outsourcing and facilitates their ability to make an informed business decision about outsourcing and with whom.

IT outsourcing may encompass:

  • Desktop and LAN support
  • Server and mainframe data centers
  • Application hosting
  • Legacy application maintenance
  • New application development
  • Wide area network transport and services
  • Web site development and hosting
  • Help/service desk.

The TBI outsourcing process includes:

Business Validity (Internal Assessment)

  • Understanding the current baseline of services, service levels and costs
  • Understanding the business objectives: costs, services, service levels, access to technology and resources, changes in business requirements
  • Procurement (External Assessment)
  • Developing a request for proposal document with business requirements, performance requirements, business terms and conditions and pricing requirements
  • Developing the evaluation criteria to objectively rank the potential vendors
  • Evaluating the vendor candidates through their proposals, presentations, reference checking and site visits
  • Governance
  • Negotiating pricing, scope of services and terms and conditions and completing a legal contract
  • Planning the efficient transition to the outsourced state
  • Establishing the governance processes, reporting and contract management requirements

The value received by TBI’s clients includes:

  • Business driven validation of the impact that outsourcing could have on the company’s IT support levels and costs
  • Clear and objective views of vendor capabilities and offerings
  • Flexible contractual arrangements to accommodate future business change
  • Governance processes to ensure a strong and enduring vendor relationship.
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