Value Differentiators

Why Choose TBI?

Why should you engage TBI to help you do what needs to be done, rather than the gargantuan, globe-striding firms who compete with us?

For a number of very good reasons, including:

  • We will neither overwhelm you with numbers nor bankrupt you with fees. We employ a “low-leverage” model of consulting, not the “high leverage” model employed by our large competition (more about this below).
  • We help you implement what we recommend. We provide end-to-end services, and our Frameworks (methodologies) for staging and performing work demonstrate this – we are not a “boutique” firm that provides only strategic services but disappears when the time comes to implement.
  • We are truly independent. Part of what we do is making recommendations to help our client’s effect change. Often that entails the selection on service software/hardware or telecom products or providers. We have no interests or favorites with any of these companies that would compromise our ability to serve your interest, which is to select the best of the best.
  • We’ll be around when you need us, too. Over the years consulting firms of all sizes come and go, are merged with others or change direction. TBI has been around for over 48 years.

The Low-Leverage Model vs. the High-Leverage Model

Low-leverage means the use of lean, extremely senior (average of over 20 year’s relevant experience per professional) teams to do everything we do. We sell a lot of gray hair. What this means is that we act as your navigators and advisors. We don’t overwhelm you, as much of our competition does, we get the work done far less intrusively and, being senior, we transfer the knowledge to your own people rather than charge you to train our junior consultants.

The high-leverage model employed by many large consulting firms sells you the work by exposing you to some of their best people; then, the actual work tends to be managed part-time by a fairly senior professional but actually done by hordes of juniors. In other words, the few senior people are highly leveraged by the many junior ones. They make their money by multiplying fairly high hourly consulting rates by the number of consultants on the job.

Where’s the value to you? Is it really valuable to your management to have a bright but young person come into his or her office, label a blank piece of note paper with the interview topic, then begin asking basic questions? And to be charged a high hourly fee for this? If so, maybe an audit is what you need rather than consulting services.

Or is it more valuable to have a senior professional (who may actually be more experienced than the manager) comes in, cut to the chase very quickly, and perhaps even offer highly valuable advice based on that experience? We’re not a colossus consulting firm that needs to leverage huge numbers of people to cover the cost of sales. The people who sell you the work are the people who manage the work, and, often, others on the engagement team are even more senior than the one who established the relationship and sold the work.

Which approach is more beneficial to you?

Full Service Consulting

In all the disciplines we offer as consulting services, we are end-to-end providers of those services.

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