Customized Retainer Based Service

Our team of senior security tacticians and strategists are also available via an offering that is totally customized to your organization’s specific security demands.

Feel free to select specific services from our four offerings and develop a retainer based package that exactly fits your specific requirements and environment.

We would be happy to discuss developing a program that would be tailored to fit your unique issues.

Our Offerings

Each CyberGuide security retainer option is designed to meet your company’s specific needs; whether they be strategic in nature, (Platinum) tactical (Silver) or both (Gold.)

They represent what our clients tell us they have been looking for in the way of additional experienced support as their security challenges have continued to increase.

We have also provided for a “Build your own model,” which would reflect targeted security services for your current concerns and can be created from the capabilities imbedded in the four retainer based options. (Platinum, Gold, Silver and Friend of the CISO)

Our aim is to support your security obligations now, and in the future.

if you’re interested in learning more about our Cyber Security Services you can contact Stanley Goldman by email at Stanley Goldman or 201.573.0400 Ext.14

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