Introduction to Retainer Based Services

Cyber Guide was developed by TBI to help reduce the risks posed by the increase in sophisticated hacking at a time when our economy’s dependence upon technology to lower costs and improve productivity continues to grow daily (i.e. movement to the cloud, virtualization, and mobility.) Cyber criminals are proactively attacking using improved “ghost-ware” methods to avoid detection, “blast-ware” methods to disable systems and “ransom-ware” tactics to extract rewards for their invasion of corporate sites.

Simultaneously, corporate budgets for cyber prevention are finite and often limited. Competition for top security personal is fierce; in a very definite “seller’s market” for talent. Criminal hacking attempts are growing as corporate America finds itself in an “arms race” in terms of limiting its exposure to these growing threats. Security is increasingly becoming a Board level discussion.

Cyber Guide is designed to help mitigate all of the above. We are very senior consultants, with significant security experience, acting as coaches, guides and mentors to your existing staff and security programs. With our experience we can fill the gaps, raise the bar, add knowledge and provide Best Practice around security policy, planning, risk mitigation, governance, tactics, vendors and tools. All of this on an as needed retainer basis. We don’t add to your security infrastructure or cost on a fixed basis. Leverage us, as needed, when needed while improving your ability to lessen risk.

Feel free to call us about our unique services, our capabilities, our people and our ability to support your growing security needs; without “breaking the bank.”

What follows is a description of our services and how we would work with you.

if you’re interested in learning more about our Cyber Security Services you can contact Stanley Goldman by email at Stanley Goldman or 201.573.0400 Ext.14

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