The Organization of Change Management

Change Management is a structured process and set of tools for managing and measuring the people side of the change to mitigate the risks inherent in all change initiatives.

The purpose is to assist employees’ transition from the current state to future state in a way that minimizes productivity loss, negative customer impact, and employee turnover, while at the same time maximizes the speed of adoption and ultimate utilization of the change throughout the organization.

Organizational Change Management

  • The perspective of business leadership from the top looking down into the organization. (How can we be more competitive? What is the required investment? How will it impact financial performance? ROI? When can the change be completed? How will it impact customers?)
  • How groups can be managed through a change of process.
  • Focus around broad change management practices and skills that will help the organization understand, accept, and support the needed business change.
  • Emphasis on communications, training and the overall culture or value system of the organization.

Individual Change Management

  • Management of change from the perspective of the employee – how people experience and transition through change. (What will this change mean to me? Will I have a Job? Do I have the needed skills and knowledge to succeed in the new environment?)
  • Focus is around tools and techniques to help employees through the transition.
  • Managers and supervisors provide the coaching required helping individuals understand their role and the decisions they make in the change process.

Selection Criteria for TBI’s Methodology

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to implement
  • Easy to understand
  • Easy to communicate to others
  • Practical
  • Structured
  • Systematic
  • Logical
  • Comprehensive

Prepare your team to develop change management strategies

  • Continuous updates on methodology and management strategies
  • Organize team structure and responsibilities
  • Flexibility and customization
  • Easier transfer of knowledge to client
  • Can support client after consultants leave
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