Applications Production Support Sourcing

RFP Development through Contract Signing

Background and Problem Summary

The Client had developed a core group of Enterprise Applications with a major leading Consulting firm, for which they wanted the firm to provide production support. TBI was brought in to help the Client define requirements for the single source contract negotiation. As it turned out, after six months of requirements discussions, the Client felt that the Consulting firm did not adequately understand their production support requirements. As a result, the Client decided to competitively bid the production support contract.

The Client engaged TBI to document their requirements, prepare a Request for Proposal (RFP), identify the vendors to receive the RFP, facilitate the vendors’ responses and help evaluate those responses, leading to a final contract for services.

TBI’s Approach

TBI conducted a series of interviews with key client personnel and reviewed documentation to develop an understanding of the services required. TBI helped the Client define a vendor list and qualified the vendors as to their interest and capabilities in providing the required services. This produced a list of 4 potential vendors.

TBI drafted the RFP and with the Client’s input finalized definition of services needed and information required. After preparing and facilitating the execution of non-disclosure agreements with the vendors, the RFP was distributed. While responses were being prepared, TBI customized its evaluation methodology to meet the Client’s specific needs. When the vendors’ responses were ready, TBI facilitated the oral presentations of these responses and provided additional research into the vendors’ experiences at other customers gained from its experiences with these vendors and reference calls. Finally, TBI led the evaluation team in rating vendors’ capabilities and prepared a ranked list of vendors and a report summarizing the approach and results for senior management.

From the RFP responses, the Client selected two vendors to continue negotiations through Best and Final Offer. TBI prepared BAFO documentation and worked with the Client’s legal counsel to prepare a draft contract. Once BAFO pricing was submitted, the Client, TBI, and the legal counsel negotiated the terms of the contract with both vendors as part of the final downselect process. Final contract negotiations were performed with the final selected vendor.

Successful Business Solution

The Client received:

  • a list of qualified vendors
  • a Request for Proposal describing the services required
  • a methodology and forms for evaluating the vendors’ responses
  • a ranked list of vendors from the evaluation team’s ratings vendors’ RFP responses
  • comments pertaining to the vendors’ experiences with other clients
  • A Best and Final Offer package, including a draft contract from legal counsel

As a result of TBI’s assistance, the Client was able to quantify the services they required and quickly determine the vendor that would be most suitable for delivering those services. From the vendors’ responses, the Client also learned about the state of the art in providing those services.

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